Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Powerful Video on the Orphan Crisis in El Salvador

I am often asked why there are so many orphans in El Salvador. Why do our teams focus on El Salvador? Why is adoption so difficult? This video says it well. El Salvador is suffering from an orphan crisis. Sadly, many of the children in government "centers" do have family members, but they have been removed from their homes because of domestic violence, poverty or gang related issues. The Salvadorian government does not have the proper infrastructure to care for these children or provide "family plans." This is why our teams go and serve these beautiful children.

We are honored to serve alongside missionaries who work in the government centers day after day, year after year. The families that we partner with have been given the privilege to care for these precious kids in various capacities. Our teams are honored to serve alongside these families in bringing hope, joy, laughter and the gift of touch to the children in the centers. Is adoption possible in El Salvador? Sadly, for the children who are truly "orphaned" and have the potential for adoption, paperwork is usually not adequate. There are certain guidelines which are required (ie. terminate of parental rights) for adoptions.

This powerful video shows how one agency is working to change these statistics. For more information, contact Jenni Ramsey at jenni.ramsey@cox.net.