Thursday, April 30, 2015

Meet Our New Accountant

Post written by Jenni Ramsey

It's official! We are elated to welcome Stephanie Keenan as the newest staff member at His Hands His Feet.  Stephanie has served on six short-term trips in El Salvador and her passion for the ministry is contagious.  Stephanie's son, Stephen, is currently serving in El Salvador for one year and living in the boys' transition home.  The Keenans have become part of our family and both Stephen and Stephanie's mom, Roberta, have served with His Hands His Feet in Guatemala as well.

Stephanie and I served on our church staff together for many years before she transitioned into the role of payroll supervisor at Olive Crest six years ago.  She has already brought an increased level of professionalism (and a little bit of craziness!) to our organization and we're so grateful to have her on the team.  Stephanie will be handling all of our budgets, donations and year-end donor letters.

Stephanie's powerful testimony brings hope and inspiration to the children that we're privileged to serve in El Salvador.  It has been an immense joy to serve alongside her for so many years.  The Lord birthed the vision for the quinceanera ministry in Stephanie's heart in 2011 and she has served faithfully and sacrificially for many years.   Steph and I are thrilled to be serving together for two straight weeks in El Salvador this June and July.  I look forward to serving alongside my sister in Christ, "Estefania," in Central America for many years to come.  Welcome to the team, Stephanie! With fifty-eight team members serving on our teams this summer, I'm tremendously relieved to finally have a CFO!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jenni's Trip to Texas

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey

I have flown through the Dallas airport (the hub for American Airlines) for many years as I've served in Latin America, but this month I exited the airport terminal for the first time. We've recently developed some wonderful relationships with churches and ministries in North Dallas that are considering partnering with our work in El Salvador.   My brother and his family moved to Dallas in 2013 and I had an incredible week staying with their family and doing ministry as well.

Here are a few trip highlights:

It was such a pleasure to meet Ginnie and Sarah Johnson, authors, speakers, artists and founders of King's Daughters.  Ginne and Sarah were referred to me through Young Women of Vision, Orange County, and they are interested in partnering with our quinceanera outreaches in the future.  Ginnie has generously donated her book, "Trading Up For a King's Daughter" to many of our missionary partners serving in El Salvador.  We spent four hours sharing, laughing and marveling at the amazing things the Lord was doing in our midst.  We had two unexpected guests from El Salvador who joined our meeting and are anxiously watching as future ministry partnerships unfold from our time together.

Mike traveled to Dallas this past fall on a business trip and connected with Mercy Church, Frisco, during his trip.  He developed a significant connection with Mercy Church lead pastor, Jason Brewer, and Mercy Church hopes to send a team to El Salvador in the future.  I really enjoyed my time with Jason, Lindsey and their church family and was honored to speak at Mercy Church about missions and the orphan crisis in El Salvador.

We are continually talking and praying with King's Daughters and Mercy Church about future ministry partnerships in Central America and sense that His Hands His Feet has great potential to grow in the Dallas.   I deeply enjoyed everyone I met during my week in Texas and appreciated the Southern hospitality, conservative values and slower pace of life.  I am definitely looking forward to returning to Dallas again soon to see my incredible family (the picture below shows my brother, niece and nephew) as well as our new friends and family members in Christ.