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Jenni Ramsey is a passionate follower of Jesus who loves leading short-term missions teams around the world.   She is a gifted speaker and is available to speak on missions or orphan care at youth groups, Bible studies, schools and church venues.  Jenni has had the privilege of leading over twenty short-term teams and has traveled to nineteen countries.  Jenni and her husband Mike, who has traveled to over fifty countries and served as the Pastor to Missions for eight years at The Village Church, Irvine, California, share a deep commitment to international missions as well as orphan care and adoption.

The Ramseys have three amazing children.  Their biological sons, Jordan (age 15) and Aidan (age 14) have served in Central America numerous times and their daughter, Hailey (age 6), who was born in South Korea, loves to travel to "Camp Grandma" while her parents are serving overseas.

Jenni is overjoyed to lead North Americans to serve in Central America because the trips have the potential to change lives, not only among those we serve, but the lives of the team members as well.  One of the unique facets of our trips is the intense level of interpersonal training and reflection that we provide.  All team members are required to read David Platt's book, "Radical" (which addresses American extravagance and God's heart for the poor) before travel.  Throughout the entire process we wrestle through difficult questions about the poor, materialism, true joy, contentment and eternal perspective.  Our teams provide pre-trip training and team bonding, daily opportunities to process the life changing, cross-cultural experiences we face while serving overseas, re-entry training before travel home and post-trip follow-up.  Jenni often states that our trips should not be one more thing to check off the bucket list, but rather a life altering experience that changes the daily decisions, perspectives and purposes of team members' lives.

Some of Jenni's favorite moments serving with His Hands His Feet have been hosting quinceaneras (a traditional Latin birthday celebration for fifteen year old girls) for forgotten teenagers living in government-run orphanages in El Salvador, dancing with residents at a special needs adults home in El Salvador and visiting impoverished homes in Guatemala.  One of the things that Jenni enjoys the most about leading trips is seeing lives transformed once team members return home (see "testimonies) and the fact that many team members return to serve again and again.  His Hands His Feet is passionate about long-term partnerships with nationals, who serve day after day, providing follow-up, discipleship and spiritual encouragement.  

In 2011,  Jenni founded the So Cal Orphan Care Network.  The So Cal Orphan Care Network exists to encourage believers in Southern California who are passionate about the orphan crisis, including those who are involved in foster care, emancipated youth, orphan care, orphan outreach trips and adoption. 

Learn more about the Ramsey family on their adoption blog by clicking here.  Contact Jenni at ramseyfam5@icloud.com.  

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