Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another day in paradise

Written by Emily Mathews

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” - James 1:27

The team served for the second day at Potters Field. They had a great time sharing testimonies, providing arts & crafts, soccer games, flying kites, and making bracelets. While the team was working with the children, Emily and Jenni R. attended a meeting with the adoption attorney from All Blessings International at OPA. This meeting was covered with much prayer. The Ramsey family needs to submit one additional document and then their case is expected to be released from review. God also opened up a door for Emily and Jenni to visit two additional children’s homes where they met with two girls in the process of adoption. They were able to take photos and interact with the two girls and will be able to give updates to their adoptive families. What a blessing! Emily and Jenni returned to Potters Field in time to join the rest of the team and children for piñata fun. The kids loved the candy and proudly showed off their individual photos that they glued to a decorative folder during craft time.

(Jenni & Emily dressed for the meetings)

The team is looking forward to spending the day at the beach tomorrow. We have invited two missionary families we have been blessed with this week as well as the pastor of Calvary Chapel and our translators. It will be a great day to process the incredible week, but more importantly to spend this time with those that made it possible to serve God’s children.

(Potter's Field Center)

(The Cancha)

(The boys eating lunch, can you find the gringo)

(The craft we made with them, they rarely get pictures of themselves)

Written by Jenny Gorcoff

Like Emily said, we spent another beautiful day at Potters Field. We couldn't wait till the neighborhood children came for the afternoon activites we had planned. It was my turn to share my testmony of being orphaned after my birth mother died. Then I shared how God provided a place for me when I moved in with my aunt and uncle (who brought me to church). I now have the blessing of raising my children in a Christian home. The proudest moment came when Nico gave his testimony of accepting Jesus in his heart at four and getting babtized at seven. The kids also had a chance to hear Julia, Christina, and Stephen's testimonies. They sat wide eyed as they listened to kids their own age share their story of salvation.

(Giving our testimonies)

(The streets of El Salvador)


  1. Thanks for being available to let the Lord use you and for keeping me (and everyone else too) up to date on your activities so I could continue to pray for you. I am so proud to see my Susan and Julia in the pictures.

  2. i realize I do not know your testimonies or stories and would love to hear them. Your blog has been a blessing to me as I eagerly wait for each day's post. Thank you.
    Barbara Lange