Monday, November 25, 2013

A Double Wedding

Blog post written by Marlene Eckert - Boda de Los Abuelos

Today was a very special day for 2 lovely couples here in San Lucas Sacatepequez.  Both couples were married many years ago in civil ceremonies--Herlinda and Mario 42 years ago and Consuelo and Roberto 27 years ago.  In the intervening years, they have raised children and have come to faith, and they are all now grandparents.  Our team was blessed to be able to provide them with a Christian wedding, something that these couples have long dreamed of but never expected that their dreams would be fulfilled.  In fact, one of the grooms is fighting between life and death--had suffered from a stroke last week--but by God's grace not only was able to attend his wedding but was able to fully participate in the walking back and forth, standing, and kneeling that were involved.

The preparations began in earnest yesterday (Saturday) with 18 ladies from Lisa's Bible study coming to their home to work on the food and the flowers, while our team member Roberta baked the wedding cakes and most of use were flying to Guatemala from the US.  Preparations continued this morning, and a few of us were able to join in in the kitchen and fill chicken salad sandwiches side by side with the Guatemalan ladies.

The day began gloomy, but with prayer and God's grace, we had sunshine for the wedding in the afternoon.  At the appointed time, the brides and grooms arrive.

The brides sat together and were anointed and prayed over by Lisa.  The grooms and seated at the front of the alter, and then our team leader, Jenni, began playing the piano as the guests were seated under a canopy.

Herlinda walked down the aisle first, escorted by her 15-year-old grandson and accompanied by a daughter and granddaughters, who were her attendants and flower girls.  Their entourage was followed by Consuelo, who was escorted by one of her nephews.  Consuelo's granddaughter and a neighbor had the pleasure of being her flower girls.

Team member Lori sang Amazing Grace, and later on, unplanned, one of Herlinda's granddaughters sang hymns a cappella.  She inspired Lori and Jenni to sing a duet.  Amy, Lori, and I served as photographers and the younger members of our team served the sandwiches and horchata (a rice drink typically served at celebrations).  Other team members entertained the children and assisted with set up and take down.

We were moved to tears when the couples exchanged their vows and rings.  One of the couples did not have rings until a few days ago, when funds were quickly raised to provide simple ones.  The brides were as excited and nervous as young women on their wedding day, and one of them even tossed her bouquet!  It was amazing to us how God provided everything that was needed for the wedding on short notice.

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