Sunday, July 20, 2014

Remembering Pastor Miguel

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey

I've had the privilege of visiting Monte Calvario Church many times over the past few years with our teams.  Two years ago I was honored to preach on missions and the church has always been very warm, welcoming and supportive of our ongoing work with orphans in El Salvador.  Pastor Miguel has always made me feel loved, believed in and supported in a very special way.  When we hosted our first quinceanera in 2012, Pastor Miguel challenged his church to buy a cake for the celebration.We watched in tears as church members stepped forward in the service and gave sacrificially in order to purchase a cake.

Today we were privileged to celebrate Pastor Miguels' life and grieve alongside a beautiful church body.  We had planned to share a video update on the quinceanera and preach a sermon, but our plans changed upon learning of Miguel's passing.  Instead, I was able to share how Pastor Miguel impacted my life.  One of our team members, Sherri, who is a trained psychologist, encouraged the church in the messy process of grief.  Lauren led a worship song on the guitar and at the last minute offered to sing a song that she wrote on the keyboard when a close friend passed away.  It was a deeply moving moment as she shared her journey of grief through music with the tear filled congregation.

The church continued to fill throughout the morning with guests who came to celebrate Pastor Miguel's life, including three pastors from Guatemala.  We learned that Pastor Miguel started preaching at age 17.   We worshipped alongside Pastor Miguel in his last service two weeks ago, where he performed a wedding during the church service.

The recently married groom shared today that Pastor Miguel had promised to officiate his wedding.No one knew that he was preparing to enter eternity as he spoke passionately to the bride and groom.  I was honored as I realized that my June team was able to be part of his last public ministry.  He touched thousands of lives through his radio ministry and church leadership and he will be remembered in the hearts of many for years and years to come.

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