Friday, July 25, 2014

The States Diner

Blog pot written by David Anderlik
Womens' Basketball Coach, Biology Teacher
Crean Lutheran High School

Thursday we had a really cool opportunity to see Sus Hijos' care and love for their kids in action. Kurt and his team have been preparing to open the "States Diner", an American-style diner where kids who have transitioned out of the state-run centers because of age can gain job experience and earn money. They are not open yet, but our team was invited to come and have a meal and give the kids some experience serving, using their English language skills, and getting into the flow of operating a restaurant.

Our server was Victor, and as soon as we began interacting with him, he was all smiles. He really enjoyed serving us, and it was awesome to see him excited to be using his new skills to help us. He did a great job, we were one of the first tables to eat (way to go Victor!), and he was joyful during our entire stay. We were truly blessed to see Victor and all the kids working and taking pride in their work, and learning skills that will allow them to support themselves. Kurt and his team are doing great work with these young people and I was thrilled to be a small part of what he is doing in El Salvador.

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