Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Ramseys are moving to TX

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey

"I will instruct and teach you in this way that you are to go; I will give you counsel; my eyes will be watching you." - Psalm 32:8

It's official!  Our family will be moving to Texas from California this fall.  Did I really just write that?  Yes, I did!

We'll be trading in our flip flops for cowboy boots and moving to McKinney, North Dallas, to live near my brother and his family.  My mom is moving to Dallas as well and we're hoping that others will join our caravan.  Want to come with us?  Our family has been praying about a possible move for quite some time and both Mike and I have had the opportunity to visit the area over the past few months. We love it there and have been overwhelmed by the doors that God has opened for our family.  To read details about some of the incredible things that God did on my April trip to Texas, click here.

Mike will continue to work for Script to Screen Productions remotely and I'm looking forward to developing new partnerships with churches and organizations that will join our work in Central America.  The flight from Dallas to El Salvador is only two and a half hours and Dallas is a central hub for travel throughout the US.  I plan to continue to lead teams from California to El Salvador and will return to So Cal at least twice a year to recruit and train teams.  Our teams usually connect in Dallas and I look forward to greeting our team members with a warm Texan hug in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport!

Our family is definitely working through a huge influx of emotions as we prepare to move.  We are grieving the distance that we will face with our family and friends and the deep history and connections that we treasure here in California.  We will especially miss our church family at The Village Church of Irvine.  And of course, we'll miss the So Cal weather (but not the cost of living)! However, we're looking forward to living near my brother, his family and my mom and living in the South, where conservative values and Southern hospitality are undeniable.  

Last week I got to attend my nephew's preschool graduation in TX

I am honored to be leading sixty-three team members to serve in El Salvador this summer.  With my full summer schedule and Mike's work schedule, we realize that a fall move is much wiser than a frantic cross-country trek right after I return from spending three weeks in El Salvador.  I was in Dallas this past week and we just signed a contract to purchase a a new home.  Our house is located in a budding, new development with tons of families, an unbelievable community pool with waterslides and a highly sought after school district.  Apparently everything truly is bigger in Texas!

Our new house

The community pool in our new neighborhood

I had the opportunity to visit the boys' new middle school this week and was actually moved to tears as I met with the guidance counselor.  I was overwhelmed with the "small town" feel of the school and thrilled to discover that they offer tennis, PE alternatives, speech and debate and have a thriving Christian club!  We appreciate your prayers for our family as we prepare for emotional good byes and anticipate the adventure that awaits us.  

Friends from Mercy Church, Frisco, Texas

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  1. Hey great news that your gonna be a Texan!! You're gonna love TX! I'm a ' transformed Floridian...a little bit like a Cali gal except in FL you only have two seasons , "hot" & "hotter"... I finally gathered enough good sense in 1998, to get out of that dreaded heat and haven't ever regretted it for a moment! It gets warm in TX, but I can sit on my screened porch, overlooking my pond, & feel a gentle breeze kiss my cheek! Besides what state can you go to & have the mountains, desert, plains, & tropics? None other than TX... And there are tons of springs, lakes & caverns to go explore! Your kiddos are going to have great "state" much to see & do in your own state... They even have dude ranches you can vacation at...If you like to camp, there are some amazing fun parks to explore & camp at! After you get back from El Salvador, I'll send you a great TX book for you guys to look at & start planning some weekend trips to get to know your new state! I sense in my spirit that something amazing is going to happen at this trip! God is stirring the waters! You'll have to read my letter enclosed in the box sent out to you to see what I've been experiencing & understand what I'm speaking of...I'm looking forward to the report & pictures on your blog! ....praying for you & the teams as you get set to head over...praying for the preparation of your new home, ...for your preparation to travel to TX, and that it will all be smooth and without even the slightest 'wrinkle'..
    Let me know that you received the package Wednesday..
    May God bless your socks off!😀
    Dora Stevenson