Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thoughts from Destinee and Diana on Feeding the Homeless

Blog post written by Diana May (age 12)
Evansville, Indiana

My favorite part about this week has been feeding the homeless.  First, we all worked together to put the bags of food together. Next, we loaded the food in Kurt's truck. Then, we all rode in the back of the truck (I never get to do that in the U.S!) and went around and handed food to the homeless from the back of the truck. 

When we saw the people on the streets it made me feel sad because they have nothing at all. We saw many women and children and that was hard to see.  In El Salvador the homeless don't receive help from the government and there are no shelters for them to stay in. 

Last night, I saw a lady walking toward the truck who had her arms folded across her chest and she looked very cold, so I asked my dad if I could give her my jacket. After I gave it to her, and after she got her food, she put it on and smiled and waved at me. The woman looked very pleased. That made me feel very loving!!

If Jesus was riding in the truck with us I think he would have done the same thing!! 

Blog post written by Destinee Delgado
Huntington Beach, California

The first time we went to feed the homeless the team came back too tired and sad to talk about things, but I felt different.  I felt joyful and was so happy to be able to help. Yes I felt sad for their situation and the life they have to live, but I felt like I was doing God's work. That made me feel good about what we had done and filled with emotions.  It wasn't until the second time we went out that I experienced sadness.  

That night it seemed like we ran out of food faster and that's when I understood how everyone else felt the first night.  I was overwhelmed with pity and sorrow, it was like we hadn't done enough. I wondered why we had to run out of food. I learned that night that there is never enough. They always run out of food and there will never be enough to feed everyone, but there is still a huge impact on the ones who are fed and touched.  We didn't just impact them, they impacted me.  I'll never forget their smiles, gratitude and shouts of "gracias!"  I am grateful to have been able serve and to have this experience on this amazing trip.

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