Sunday, July 11, 2010

Church, Futbol & the Flood.....

Tonight we are all tired so I am going to keep this short with just the highlights of an amazing 1st day.

Calvary Chapel San Salvador was our 1st stop of the day. We had some great worship that even included a power outage and we were amazed when the 1500 people at the service cleared out in what seemed to be 30 seconds!

Futbol was the culprit. It seems that all men, women and children in El Salvador were watching the World Cup. After church we needed to go shopping so we drove through the eerily quiet streets and found ourselves at the Salvadorian Walmart. Before shopping we needed lunch and the closest thing was a KFC so we unassumedly walked into KFC to find the place packed with people watching the game in the airconditioned restaurant. Then it was off to shopping.

After shopping it was time to visit the volcano. As we were driving up the mountain to the volcano we could tell we were driving into the rain but it never seemed to come. We bought our tickets into the state park and climbed to the veiwing point. It was only about a 10 minute climb, very beautiful and lush.

Then it came - the rain that we had anticipated started while we were at the top of the mountain.

So we got down as quickly as we could - all soaking wet and jumped into our van. As we started to head down the mountain we quickly realized that the 2 lane road was rapidly becoming a 2 lane river. It was exciting, adventurous and fun! We made it down safely and went to the mall for dinner.

We are excited to really start ministering tomorrow. Please pray that the Lord will guard our hearts and minds as we minister to about 70 kids in the government center.

Signing off tonight for the ES team,

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  1. wow, glad to hear that you were able to make it back from the volcano safely. we don't have too many of those in southern california.