Saturday, July 10, 2010

iLlegamos! (Arrived!)

What a day! Our hearts were just pounding with excitement for what God has in store for us this week. Not a typical travel day though... it actually ran quite smoothly. We arrived at the overwhelming LAX with all the other travelers, and moved quickly through the short lines finding our way to gate 41 with time to spare for our first flight to Dallas.

In Dallas we met up with the last three team members which finally brought us all together. In the waiting area for flight number 1991, we boarded with 5 other missionary groups from all over the US. The excitement of landing in El Salvador filled the flight accompanied by little sleep and much anticipation. But due to heavy thunder storms and rain we had to land in Honduras till the storm passed giving us time to refuel. Finally, the announcement came from the pilot for us to finish the travels and land in El Salvador. Claps and joy overtook the flight as we touched ground two hours late.

Kurt and his son, Kameron, picked us up from the busy airport and transported us back to the "Mission House" where we are blessed to stay for the duration of the week.

Thank you for your prayers for the safe travels! We are all excited to see how God is going to use us as "His hands and His feet."
De tus amigos,
Brittany- para el equipo del salvador (for the el salvador team) :)


  1. Praise God you are there and safe! This will be another "God changed my life" mission trips, so hang on for the ride! Love, prayer and support for all of you,
    Barbara (Lange)

  2. Praying for you!! Can't help but be reminded of our drive down the mountain in Haiti and our van lost its brakes...pass that on to Steph.. Thank you for all your updates. Amazing how much more effective our prayers can be because of technology, facebook and blogs! Love you all! Summer