Friday, July 10, 2015

Leaving My Heart in El Salvador

Blog post written by Jenni Ramsey

Today we were blessed to spend time with many of the girls who participated in the quinceanera. We brought our laptops and the girls were so thrilled to see their photos and videos from the big event.  Some of them even stood on tables to see themselves dressed in their gowns.  None of these girls own cameras so seeing their photos was exhilarating for them.  I will be returning to El Salvador in two weeks and will be bringing photos from the quinceanera for the girls at that time.  I can't wait!

The team was blown away when the girls expressed their gratitude by giving the team members beautiful, hand-made zippered pouches.   It was deeply touching.  We also had the opportunity to pray for the girls and there were many tearful good byes.

In the afternoon we had the privilege of spending time at a center for children who are HIV+.  We were not allowed to take photos of the kids.  We served them pizza for lunch, played games, did crafts, made balloons and ended our time sharing the Gospel and praying together.  The children were precious and it was a wonderful way to end our week of ministry.

This evening we enjoyed pupusas (the traditional Salvadorian dinner) with all of the Sus Hijos missionaries and translators.  Laughter could be heard throughout the entire restaurant and it was clear that the team build strong bonds that will last a lifetime.  After dinner we spent time taking photos together at a breathtaking vista overlooking the city of San Salvador.  The last two weeks have been absolutely amazing and my heart is full as I prepare to say good bye.  Some may sing, "I left my heart in San Francisco," but tomorrow I leave my heart in El Salvador.

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  1. You cannot help but leave your heart because it is a place that it's ALL about giving your heart and HIS heart is in every crevice & crack there ( I think of the prison you were able to penetrate) …but the joyful thing is that HIS heart will remain in the hearts of those you were able to touch with HIS love…and they were many you know of and many you are yet to know! So appreciative and humbled to have served in a 'small way'.. Praying for bigger and greater things yet to come in 2016…We serve a 'And Then Some' God, and He has continued to be 'mind-blowing' in areas He has called me into and I have said "Yes, God, Yes, God, Yes, Yes, God." Amen